Patient Estimates


The following is only an ESTIMATE and not a price quote. Riverside University Health System (RUHS) wants to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision. However, please understand this estimate is based on the best information known at the time it was calculated. The actual amount you would owe could be more or less based upon your specific needs at the time of service, changes in your care plan, and insurance contracts or benefits. This estimate is for the HOSPITAL'S CHARGES ONLY. Professional fees for Surgeons, Radiologists, Anesthesiologists, Pathology services, etc. are billed separately and are NOT part of this estimate. You should contact your insurance company to verify that RUHS is in-network for the services to be provided, as out-of-network benefits may result in a higher out of pocket expenses for you. Please contact us at (951) 486-4255 with any questions.

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